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Zoroastrianism is one of the oldest religions of the world-approximately 3,500 years old!

It was founded by Prophet Zarathustra who lived in ancient Persia.

Persecuted by invading Muslim Arabs the Zoroastrains fled from Persia to various countries

-mainly to India, over 10 centuries ago.

The Zoroastrains who fled from Persia, (from the region of Pars) are called Parsees

Most of them settled in the western state of Gujerat, then went to Bombay (now Mumbai ) and other parts of India.

Many Parsees then spread their wings and went to live in countries like UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Note: There are many great sites on the internet with more info about our wonderful religion-so do browse for them!




Religion Resources: 

List of Mobeds willing to come to QLD for prayers


Mobeds in Victoria

"I am more than happy to help with the community in Queensland for prayers etc."

Mr.Armin Dumasia

Mobile No. 0416393136

Landline - 03 90782325.

Email: armindumasia@gmail.com

" So far I have visited Brisbane on 4 occasions to offer my services and am happy to continue doing the same (circumstances permitting)."

Mr. Keki Madon

Mobile 0416 00 33 48

Landline: 03 9872 5871

Email: kmadon@bigpond.net.au


......more to be added to this list...


Note: QLDParsi is not responsible for mobeds views i.e. liberal or conservative-so please do your questioning to the respected mobeds when you ask for their services.

Basic Zarathusti Prayers

Recited By
Rohinton Keki Tarapore

New Orleans, LA (USA)



click here: https://sites.google.com/site/zarathushtiprayers/home



For Gatha Prayers sung by Dr. Ramiyar Karanjia:

Click here: http://on-lyne.biz/gathas/


 Boi Prayers on video





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