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Parsi Culture is a page dedicated to some of the traditional items and ceremonies of the Parsees. Also pictures of famous Parsees etc. Hope you enjoy! 

 TORAN ( a Gujerati word meaning a garland of flowers for the doorway)

A Door Hanging made of flowers. Parsees decorate their main door as well as other doors within their homes with Torans on auspicious days (Birthdays, Navroze, New Year, Weddings, Navjotes and other celebratory functions


More elaborate Torans hang on Parsi wedding and Navjote functions


Parsi Saree-The Gara

The Parsi Gara

A Gara is a an embroidered sari worn by Parsi women

Garas have typical Chinese inspired embroidery.

Hand embroidered garas can cost thousands of dollars and are passed on as heirlooms from

mothers to daughters of daughters- in -laws

Garas come in various colours but he most common ones are a deep purple with white embroidery

Black Garas looks stunning too and Parsi women wear them for formal occasions

Some garas have no embroidery on the sari except on the border


The Navjote Ceremony

A Parsi child is initiated into the Zoroastrian religion around the age of 7 or 9

A grand function is held and the family's closest relatives and friends are invited



Priests doing the Navjote Ceremony on the Navjote stage. The child is made to wear the sacred thread the "kusti" and the sacred vest made from muslin called the "sadra"


The child is a fully fledged Zoroastrian after the Navjote ceremony and pledges to wear the kusti and the sadra every day.




Navroze Table Deco

Navroze is the Spring Festival which falls on 21st March

The tradition is common mainly in

Iranian Zoroastrians, as well as some Iranians.

The table is laden with rose water, fruits, sweets, nuts and flowers-each having a special significance


Famous Parsees

 Zubin Mehta-Talented Philharmonic Orchestra Conductor

Mumbai born world famous Philharmonic Orchestra Conductor Zubin Mehta

(pic from Facebook page)-see the Face book page for more info


 Zubin Mehta



Freddie Mercury- Singer extraordinaire

(Born Farrokh Bulsara to a Parsi family in Zanzibar)

One of the best voices the world has ever known!

Lead singer of the band/group QUEEN

Read more on this website http://www.freddie.ru/e/bio/


 Born 1946-passed away 1991


 Picture from the following website Click Here



 Farokh Engineer-Cricketer/Wicket Keeper

 Bombay born cricket legend


 Pic from this Website 



 Persis Khambatta-Femina Miss India ('65) / Hollywood Actress

 Persis was one the first Parsi Indian girl to be chosen as Miss Femina India

 and was chosen to represent India as- Miss Universe

She became world famous after her role in Star Trek as the bald Illia

She acted in serveral Hindi (bollywood) movies as well as a few television serials


Born 1948-Passed away in 1998


Persis Khambatta, Miss India 1965


Pic from this website: click here


















 Homi Bhabha-Nuclear Physicist-Padma Bhushan recipient

A brilliant scientist whose life was cut short by a tragic plane accident

He played a major role in the development of the Indian atomic energy program.

In his honour, after his death, the Atomic Energy Establishment at Trombay was renamed as the

 Bhabha Atomic Research Centre


Born in 1909-passed away in 1966


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