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  1. Who can be a member?

    Membership Requirements on QLDParsi Site

    Who can be a member?

    *Anyone who is a Parsi residing in QLD,Australia

    *Anyone who has one spouse who is a Parsi residing in QLD,Australia

    *Any child* whose one or both parents are Parsi residing in QLD,Australia

    (Children below 18 will have to take permission from their parents to be members)


    To Join, QLDParsi go to: the PHOTOS page and Register now for free!

  2. How can I join QLDParsi as a member?

    Firstly you need to read the membership terms above

    Secondly, go to the Photos page and click on Register now for free!

    It will take you to a form that you need to fill up ,

    click on the verification section to get your code

    then put in the unique security code that you will be given in the your

     "answer" section

    Finally press the "create my account" button at the bottom

    Go to your email account as you will be sent an email,  wherein there will be a link.

    Click on the link to complete the membership

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About Admin

  1. Who is Admin

    The site has been made by me (A Kekobad) The contents of this site are posted by me

    What goes on the site is general info pertaining our Parsi community in QLD or any general info pertaining to the Parsi community

    If any personal info of our community is put they have given prior permission (e.g. birth announcement was given the OK by the parents)

    Any queries, objections, suggestions are always welcome as this site is for the benefit of our community.

    General queries, suggestions etc will be put to the members of our community in Queensland Australia.

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